ElectroGym uses Easy Motion Skin EMS

Electrostimulation - 'high tech' fitness at its best

EMS training is extremely effective and absolutely safe !

Enhances your efforts by factor 9

Enhances your efforts by factor 9

Performance improvements can be achieved in just 20 minutes. This helps you define and reach your goals faster.

Reaches 30% more of your muscle

Reaches 30% more of your muscle

EMS stimulates 95% of muscle mass. The classic gym stimulates only 60% of the muscle. The result: 15% increase in force and 5% faster acceleration.

Long lasting results

Long lasting results

Your body needs up to 3 days to absorb a session, which allows you to burn more calories over time.

Electrostimulation, the secret of champions

Christiane Hammer Easy Motion Skin
5 times WBO und WBC champion Christine Hammer
Marcus Brier Easy Motion Skin
Austrian golf champion Marcus Brier
Manuel Charr Easy Motion Skin
WBA boxing champion 2017 Manuel Charr

EMS training explained

Electrical impulses are sent to the muscle fibers thanks to electrodes positioned on the targeted area, such as the abs, thighs, pectoral muscles, glutes. Electrostimulation is a variable electrical impulse (duration and intensity) transmitted to the different muscles by the through two or more electrodes. The electrical impulse causes muscle contraction of the chosen muscles without the central nervous system (brain) being involved.

Electrostimulation has been used for many years by athletes or physiotherapists for sports preparation, recovery and because it provides visible and measurable results.

The benefits of EMS training

  1. muscle quality and performance

  2. oxygenation and muscle recovery

  3. the silhouette, and the appearance of the skin (orange peel for example ...)

  4. recovery of muscle volume after forced immobilization (operation, sprain, fracture, accident, etc.)

  5. and relieves pain (contracture, back pain, low back pain, sciatica, epicondylitis, hematomas, etc.)

It is possible to improve the various muscular characteristics (elasticity, tone, strength.) In a short time and in a targeted manner. By combining classic training with muscular electrostimulation, one can also improve the cardio-respiratory faculties.


EMS, extreme efficiency

A short period is enough to train the muscles effectively.

  • Ability to focus your training on specific muscles (targeted training, fight against atrophy and muscle building).
  • Better recovery thanks to improved blood circulation and elimination of toxins.
  • Stimulation of slow and fast muscle fibers. Slow fibers are mainly used in sports requiring an extended period of effort. Fast muscle fibers play a particularly important role in sports that combine power and speed. Fast fibers are generally difficult to recruit in ordinary training.
  • Electrostimulation training can be practiced at any time, during your regular training, while traveling or at home.
  • Electrostimulation is very useful in relieving pain before or after exercise.

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