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We are proud of the results of our members. It’s crazy to see people transform physically and then psychologically. Because, of course, it feels amazing when you're in good shape. Here is what our members say:


A gym as we like it: very attentive and ultra-competent coaches, state-of-the-art cross trainers, more than convincing results ! For those who wish to work out but have a tight schedule I highly recommend it !

Very effective and not hard on the user. I cannot train the classical way as I got seriously injured, and I went there for a month twice a week and lost almost 6kg !

After a month and a rhythm of 2 sessions per week I have already lost half a size !! I leave the center always in a good mood with Mouna and her team taking great care! I recommend it 200%

Red and sweaty in 20 min. Feel your heart beat and your body working in 20 min. Cardio and strength, everything is solicitated ! The coaches offer good advice ! This method makes us want to push and maintain performance ! Thanks thanks.

The welcome and the smile is always there. The explanation of each movement and exercise is very well explained. The hygiene of the suits are perfect.
Mouna is an incredible coach, always on time and very friendly. It is a moment of happiness to find her every week. I recommend everyone to do electrical stimulation in her home.

Studio fitness privé, technologie d'avant garde (machines d'entrainement, EMS system), programmes de sport personnalisés. J'ai pu attaindre un résultat satisfaisant mais il faut considerér l'effort et la constance. Salle très propre, personnel gentil et competent. Merci!

Super ,résultat efficace ciblé et rapide. Coachs merveilleux et à l’écoute.
L’endroit est super bien situé et facilement accessible. Que dire à tester, résultat après 10 séances.

If you're busy between work and home, you have the perfect solution with ElectroGym! The results come after a few sessions because different parts of your body are stimulated while you are active. You are being followed perfectly by your trainer who listens to your goals and gives you the best advice when not training!

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