Obesity is an imbalance between energy intake and expenditure. This imbalance results in an accumulation of reserves stored in the fatty tissue.

Associated complications, particularly type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancer kill at least 2.8 million people each year. Thus, overweight and obesity are recognized as the fifth leading cause of death by WHO.

In Belgium, obesity concerns 17% of adults and, among children, 16% of boys and 18% of girls.

The origins of obesity are multiple:

Dietary changes and increased sedentary lifestyle
A genetic predisposition
The role of the environment,
Eating disorders with bulimia and overeating.

At ElectroGym we work on several axes to allow you to find the right balance between intake and calorie expenditure. It is often not enough just to lose weight, it is also necessary to restart the metabolism and relearn your body to burn calories and tweak the mind. Using electrostimulation and nutritional monitoring, we burn fat while sculpting your body. Efficient and fast for men and women!

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