Get fit faster at ElectroGym EMS

The first dry and wireless EMS Training in Brussels

For a highly effective EMS training in an exclusive setting!

Extremely effective

Extremely effective

After 4 sessions you will begin to see results and feel your body change. Transform your body with two sessions per week in only a few months.

Fast results

Fast results

Our goal is to provide you with the most effective training possible. In 20 minute sessions we simultaneously train all major muscle groups for top results.

Gentle & efficient

Gentle & efficient

Our system is developed and certified by doctors. It stimulates the muscles without any stress on the joints. Our coachs fine-tune the training intensity according to your sensitivity. EMS is suitable for all ages and levels.








Tangible and quick results, that is our promise !

We make a promise that very few gyms dare to give: We promise you results ! Solid and tangible ones ! Results that will change your life. Our only condition, follow our advise and adhere to our methodology and will begin your transformation. Deal ?

We are the first electrostimulation center in Belgium to offer you dry, wireless EMS training ! We do not use wet underwear like Miha Bodytec does. Our high-tech outfit from the Easy Motion Skin uses patented dry electrodes that smoothly transmit the signal to the muscles. Our EMS training is more enjoyable, more efficient and more secure.

Get fit faster !

Electro-stimulation (EMS) is revolutionizing today´s sport. Not only does electrostimulation stimulate the 8 main muscle groups simultaneously, but also strengthens the deep musculation and at the same time boosts your metabolism. Combined with nutritional advise, our certified EMS-coaches will help you achieve spectacular results. With EMS, electricity does the work - a 20-minute session is as effective as three hours of training at the gym. It is scientifically proven.

Transform your body

Medical studies confirm the effect and effectiveness of training with the Easy Motion Skin electro stimulation system.


x faster and more effective

than traditional gym workout

% of your muscles are trained simultaneously

without any stress on your joints

% increase of strength

after 6 weeks with only two 20 min sessions per week

% increase of your endurance

after 4-6 weeks with only two 20 min sessions per week

x more calories burned

than with traditional physical training

Our rates

Discovery Session

  • First session
  • 20 minutes EMS
  • Personal coach


  • per session
  • 2 x 20 minutes/week
  • Best value !

Our methodology

Our center has excellent results for weight loss, bodybuilding, posture correction, anti-cellulite and slimming.
Unlike other EMS centers we use improved dry training without cables.

ElectroGym EMS Châtelain

69, rue du Châtelain
1050 Brussels
Tel. 0470218611
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ElectroGym EMS Mérode

44, Avenue de Tervuren
1040 Brussels
Tel. 0470218611
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